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Hawaii Home Inspection Training - Online Courses

Hawaii Home Inspection Schools Online - how to become a home inspector in Hawaii
To obtain an Hawaii home inspection license, you may now take online real estate home inspection license courses. This web-based Hawaii home inspection course allows you to take classes at your own pace on your computer.  The home inspection school offers approved home inspection training required for a home inspection career. These online home inspection schools allow you to take the entire licensing course on your computer.

Hawaii home inspection school - After completing the online course, you will be well prepared to take an Association certification exam.
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Home Inspection Career Information - Hawaii

ASHI estimates that 77% of homes in the United States are inspected prior to purchase. With home inspections used for most real estate transactions, there is an increasing demand for home inspectors. A home inspector's main job is to investigate and educate others about the condition of a home as well as to help potential buyers in making an informed home purchase decision. They do not make repairs. They generally work by visual inspection and then provide a written report on the condition of a home.  While knowledge of construction is helpful, it is not essential.  The field of home inspection can be exciting and rewarding.  There is a large demand for home inspectors.  Real estate agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers, attorneys, relocation companies and thousands of potential home buyers provide a continuing need for home inspections by qualified home inspectors. It is most helpful to become members of the national home inspection organizations such as American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) Membership requirements to Home Inspection organizations usually include a specific amount of educational hours and/or experience. The courses provided here provide links to the information required by these organizations. They can provide a useful association to a home inspection career and to become a successful home inspector.

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